Guatemala Antigua-Dark
June 18, 2020
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June 18, 2020
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Guatemala Antigua


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Full City (medium) Roast

Cup – Spicy, Earthy, Mild Wine Aftertaste

Fragrance – Citrus

There are eight different Guatemalan regions where a special type of coffee bean is grown called SHB, or Strictly Hard Bean. Each has its own distinct characteristic and we choose the versatile bean from Antigua. Being a SHB, these beans can handle the high roast temperatures needed to become a French roasted coffee. French roasting the coffee will impart more of a deep rich flavor that is characterized by the degree or roast and will accentuate some qualities within the bean itself.

The French roasted Guatemala Antigua still holds on to its spicy and earthy notes like the full city roast does, but the sweetness morphs into almost a coating of dark chocolate across the tongue at the higher temperatures. The wine like aftertaste is more prominent and couples with just a tiny hint of smokiness.

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