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Colombia Supremo-Dark


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Cup – Mildly Sweet, Tart Fruit Notes, Rich Aftertaste

Colombia is the third largest coffee producing nation and provides a bean that is very versatile. Colombian coffee can be found in many places from the average cup in the grocery store to a shop selling high-end specialty Colombian coffee. Heavenly Cup works closely with its importers to provide a great quality coffee from Colombia. Mainly we deal with excellent, well-rounded Arabica coffees from the Huila and Medellin regions.

We tend to favor the Supremo grade bean, which is a little larger bean than the Excelso grade. Both grades yield a consistent bean size, which helps the roaster produce an even roast, thus a consistent coffee cup to cup. When visiting Heavenly Cup’s Café ask for our dark roast coffee, we will present you with our Full French Roasted Colombia Supremo. It is a coffee that has consistently held up to the high temperatures of the French roast. The coffee holds on to just a hint of sweetness in the darker roast. The fruitful acidity bursts on the tongue, making a path for a full, rich and toasty aftertaste.

Don’t be fooled by the name, this isn’t an average Colombian coffee. It is a full on, dark roasted delight!

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